Making a Website for Photography

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Making a Website for Photography

If you start your business in photography, it is a must for you to have a photography website. Why? It will give your potential customers information about your products. The more you show off your products in an interesting way, the more chances you’ll get potential clients. So, making a website for photography is necessary, right? See the ideas below.

How to make a photography website
  • First thing first, ask yourself about for who the website is. Who will be your audience? You are a business person, you want your potential customers to enjoy and get informed by your photography website, right?
  • Find out your strengths and make them even stronger. Also know best about your limitation and minimize it.
  • Decide of what kind of photographer you want to be. Do you want to focus on documenting events? Do you like taking pictures of foods and make the foods as tempting as possible? Make up your mind.
  • Browse other people’s photography websites and get yourself inspired.
  • Start creating the layout of your photography website. Do you want the pages to be scrolled horizontally or vertically? Do you want to display your photos in a grid with some images or individually? How about your name, how will you display it? How about the fonts, the colors, footer, header, etc. Be creative in deciding the layout to make it more interesting.
  • You should have a page telling about yourself briefly like showing your CV and testimonies from your previous clients. Don’t forget to show off your contact info, so your potential clients will be easier to contact you.
  • Keep your photography website updated. Your latest work, contact info, CV, testimonies, publications, and latest projects should be updated all the time.
  • Last but not least, your work. Your work should be exposed well. Use social media to help you share the links to your website.

So, are you ready to create your own photography website? It is great if the article about making a website for photography gives you enough information.


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